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If you live in Stone Mountain, GA and are suffering from a whiplash injury then come see the caring chiropractors at AICA. At AICA we offer years of experience successfully treating whiplash patients through a variety of therapies. Some of our therapies include physiotherapy, orthopedic treatments, and chiropractic treatments. At AICA we understand how difficult living with whiplash can be, which is why we strive to make sure each patient makes a full recovery. Don’t continue to suffer after your Stone Mountain whiplash injuries, call AICA today and get started with your treatments!

Have Whiplash? Maybe You Need an MRI

Do you have whiplash after a Stone Mountain incident? Then maybe you need an MRI. At AICA we regularly use MRI technology to properly diagnose our whiplash patients because an MRI is the best way to diagnose a soft tissue injury. When someone is involved in an incident that results in whiplash it is typically because a sudden stop caused that person’s head and neck area to rapidly move forward and then back. This type of motion often causes associated soft tissue injuries. At AICA we feel that in order to provide the best treatment, our patients need to see the big picture. We want to make sure our patients get a full diagnosis of the injuries sustained, that way we can know that we are providing the full treatment they’ll need. If you have whiplash from a Stone Mountain whiplash incident and haven’t had an MRI, then trust our team to get you the diagnoses and treatment you need!

  • Transportation provided if necessary
  • Spanish speaking staff at every location
  • You could receive $10,000 in injury benefits
  • Same-day appointments typically available

Stone Mountain Whiplash Incident – June 2012

The Tucker Patch reports that in June of 2012 a tragic incident occurred in Stone Mountain, GA. A father driving a Chrysler Pacifica lost control of his vehicle on Highway 87 and struck a tree. The driver had with him his four children, two boys and two girls. Due to this impact it is likely that all five passengers suffered from severe whiplash. However, the oldest girl was not able to survive her injuries, and the youngest girl was reportedly in serious condition.

It is hard to imagine what life will be like for this family after this tragic Stone Mountain mishap. Moving forward will undoubtedly be difficult. However, one thing that may be helpful is knowing where to turn after a whiplash injury. If you have been in a Stone Mountain incident that has resulted in whiplash then the first thing to do is to get a thorough exam by a trusted doctor. After you have received a full diagnosis of your injuries, then you will want to setup and begin an appropriate treatment plan. Finally, it is likely that you will need legal representation as you move forward with any whiplash injury claims. Having the right attorney can be the difference between complete success and total failure. At AICA we can help our patients with each of these steps, from diagnoses to attorneys. We work with some of Stone Mountain’s most trusted, experienced whiplash attorneys and we are happy to give our patients recommendations. If you are suffering from a whiplash injury then let AICA help you through the steps of your recovery.

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