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Georgia Chiropractic Care | AICA TuckerAt AICA Tucker, you can count on our terrific Chiropractors to deliver the best service after an injury.

Whether you’ve been injured in an auto accident, work injury, slip, and fall – or are just feeling pain and discomfort in your back, tissue or joints – we have solutions that will bring you benefits that far outweigh the experience of our non-invasive treatment.

The AICA Difference

At AICA Tucker we bring you the best in Georgia Chiropractic care. When you need help and complete not sure how to get it, we’re your first source.

That’s because we offer onsite X-ray and MRI scanning, which may be critical after an accident. When you have damage to the soft tissues in your body, the only way to find it – along with the pain you feel – maybe an MRI.

We’re here to help, and so we’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Not only that, but we can give you a ride if you’re unable to reach us because of your injuries. The at-fault insurance is likely to cover your visit, so you have nothing to lose by calling your AICA injury treatment center.

Tucker Auto Accident Treatment

Don’t wait to see us after you’ve been in a car accident. That’s because the longer you wait, the more pain you’ll experience. While your body has an innate ability to heal, sometimes it needs help. A Chiropractor can provide you with proper adjustments that are customized for your injuries.


Fixing them is nothing to put off because it helps you avoid chronic ailments further down the line.

When you come to AICA Tucker, we can assess and realign your skeletal structure in a way that may rehabilitate your entire body, including the soft tissue that was damaged during the acute movement of the accident.

Chiropractic Care for Neck Injuries

Whiplash is the sharp, injurious acceleration and deceleration of your neck. Usually, this happens during a car crash.

After you’ve been rear-ended, your neck swings back and forth, contracting the spine, hurting your muscles and the soft tissues and ligaments around them. Allows you pain, inflammation and can keep you from turning your head.

At AICA Tucker, we’re experts in restoring your neck function and relieving your whiplash pain.

Tucker Chiropractic Care for Back Injuries

Nothing can take your breath away like back pain. After you’ve been in a car accident, you make have an injury to any of the three major areas of the spine –

  • lower
  • lumbar
  • or thoracic

To help you regain movement and ease pain, we can give you total care that will reduce many of the effects of an accident, and help prevent chronic ailments.

Some ways you may receive adjustment include:

  • Prone position – laying on your stomach atop an adjusting table.
  • Supine position – laying on your back
  • Incline position – sitting on a specialized bench that can be angled to various elevations

Each of these positions allow our Chiropractors to customize your care, and provide adjustments that have the highest potential to ease your pain and restore mobility.

Workmen’s Compensation

Over 3 million people are injured at work every year, and increasing numbers of them are seeking out non-traditional therapies for rehabilitation.

One of the most helpful in lowering days away from work is a chiropractor. Call AICA to see if your employer’s insurance covers chiropractic care. We’ll help you with the paperwork.

Migraine Treatment

Sometimes a migraine is so bad, it can make you ill. If you’re experiencing intense symptoms that are compelling you to seek medical treatment, come to the AICA Tucker specialists and get to the root of your problem.

A pain in your head can be caused by vertebrae pressing against nerves in your spine. When you take medication, you’re only masking the symptoms – not dealing with the cause.

Medical Chiropractic

Whether you’re interested in alternative therapies or traditional medical treatments, consider using your local Chiropractor.

We have a long tradition of healing a variety of ailments through spinal manipulations, and by removing stress from your joints.

Avoid pain now – and down the line.

Call AICA Tucker at 404-592-1186.

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