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If you are still suffering from your Norcross whiplash symptoms then come to AICA to discover how to get the whiplash treatment you deserve. Whiplash, also called a neck sprain or neck strain, is a soft tissue injury that requires proper treatment. At our whiplash clinic you can count on receiving quality care from the most experienced whiplash chiropractors in the Norcross area. At AICA we offer a variety of treatments to our whiplash patients such a chiropractic care, physiotherapy, and orthopedic treatments. Our whiplash office has been a part of the successful treatment of hundreds of Norcross area whiplash patients, and we would be happy to help you as you recover. Call us today and let us provide you with the help you deserve.

How Can You Benefit from an MRI After Your Whiplash Injuries?

How can you benefit from an MRI after your Norcross whiplash injuries? Many suffering from whiplash after a Norcross incident are likely to also have other soft tissue injuries. The unfortunate thing is that a soft tissue injury can be incredibly difficult to diagnose with standard exams or X-rays. Luckily, with MRI technology patients can now receive accurate diagnoses of their soft tissue injuries. At AICA we have helped a myriad of whiplash patients suffering from neck pain to get the proper diagnosis of their injuries with the help of MRI technology, and we would love to offer you the same support!

  • Transportation provided if necessary
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  • You could receive $10,000 in injury benefits
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Norcross Whiplash Incident – October 2012

My Fox Atlanta reports that in October of 2012 a bizarre incident led to power outages in one Norcross neighborhood. It was in the early morning hours when an automobile suddenly struck a telephone pole, another vehicle and eventually a house on Robin Hill Drive in Norcross. There was a driver and one passenger involved in this incident and they likely sustained whiplash, but no other major injuries. Unfortunately, this mishap left this Norcross neighborhood without power for quite some time. Due to the nature of this incident it is not surprising that those involved likely sustained whiplash injuries. This is because whiplash generally occurs when the body is in motion at a rapid pace and then suddenly stops due to an impact. The stop forces the neck forward and then suddenly backward, which results in painful injuries to the neck, which are commonly referred to as whiplash.

At AICA we want to prepare people with the knowledge of what to do after a whiplash injury. If you are suffering from whiplash after a mishap similar to this one in Norcross then there are a few things that will be helpful for you. One thing to consider is hiring an experienced whiplash attorney who can help with any injury claims. At AICA we have worked with some of the best attorneys in Norcross, and we are happy to help our patients find the lawyer that will be right for their case. Although, you shouldn’t forget, it is extremely important to seek medical attention for your whiplash injuries before doing anything else. Get checked out by a trusted chiropractor and find out what kind of injuries you are dealing with. At AICA we care for each of our whiplash patients, and we are ready and willing to help in any way we can with the recovery process. Give us a call today and find out how we can help you!

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