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So many in the Dunwoody area are buzzing about what a great whiplash clinic AICA is! The experienced whiplash chiropractors at AICA have been key to the successful treatment of several hundred Dunwoody whiplash patients. At AICA we offer advanced and comprehensive whiplash treatments, including chiropractic care, orthopedic care, and even physiotherapy. If you are suffering from whiplash symptoms then give us the opportunity to show you that at AICA we have what it takes to get you feeling better again!

Hidden Benefits of an MRI for Whiplash Patients

Dunwoody residents are discovering the hidden benefits of an MRI for whiplash patients. It is a little known fact that one of the most common injuries associated with whiplash is damage to the soft tissue. This is because whiplash is a common term used to describe a neck strain or sprain that is a soft tissue injury. Unfortunately, soft tissue damage is not simple to diagnose. In fact, soft tissue injuries cannot be diagnosed through X-rays or other standard exams. However, with the use of MRI technology we are now able to diagnose soft tissue injuries in Dunwoody whiplash patients. Equipped with this valuable knowledge, our chiropractors at AICA have been utilizing MRI technology for years to help give whiplash patients accurate diagnoses, and we would love to provide you with the help you need.

  • Transportation provided if necessary
  • Spanish speaking staff at every location
  • You could receive $10,000 in injury benefits
  • Same-day appointments typically available

Dunwoody Whiplash Incident – February 2013

In February of 2013 in the Dunwoody area a tree snapped at possibly the most inopportune moment. My Fox Atlanta reports that at the moment the tree snapped and fell across a Dunwoody street there were two vehicles rapidly approaching that were unable to avoid the tree. Neighbors that witnessed the incident were shocked that the drivers of these vehicles were able to survive. Luckily, these drivers suffered no major injuries – just probable neck pain and moderate to severe cases of whiplash. Whiplash is most commonly the result of a person’s neck being suddenly thrown forward and then backward, which is undoubtedly what happened to the drivers in this Dunwoody mishap.

Would you know who to call or what to do following an incident like this one? At AICA we have developed three easy steps to help Dunwoody residents know how to treat whiplash. Step number one, get help! Go see a doctor or whiplash chiropractor who can diagnose the full extent of your injuries. Step two, get better. Work with your doctor to establish a chiropractic whiplash treatment plan that will help you recover effectively. Step three, be advised. Get the advice of an experienced, trustworthy whiplash attorney on how to handle insurance claims, as handling these matters on your own may result in a much lower settlement. At AICA, our whiplash doctors are prepared to help patients with each of these steps. We even work with some of Dunwoody’s top attorneys, and we can give you a recommendation of who would be right to help with your case. Don’t ignore your whiplash injuries, get your comprehensive treatment at AICA!

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