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Motor vehicle accidents are no stranger to the Dacula area, which is why AICA’s chiropractors are happy to offer their services to Dacula crash victims. As an AICA patient you can count on receiving the highest quality care after your car accident. Whether you need orthopedic treatments, physiotherapy, or chiropractic treatments, AICA’s team will be here for you. We have successfully treated several hundred Dacula area auto injury patients and would be happy to help you as you make your way through the stages of your recovery. Call us today, and start feeling better sooner after your Dacula auto accident.

MRI Technology Has Been Transforming Lives

MRI technology has been transforming people’s lives after involvement in a Dacula, GA auto collision. Many victims of auto accidents don’t realize that without an MRI they are likely suffering from undiagnosed injuries. Why would that be? The most common injury sustained in motor vehicle accidents is damage to the soft tissue, an injury that is best diagnosed with an MRI. Sadly, these people that have undiagnosed injuries are not getting the right treatment, and are even at risk of getting lower settlements from insurance companies due to their lack of treatment. Don’t let this be you! Come to AICA and get a full diagnosis of your Dacula auto-injuries and take advantage of the best chiropractic care available.

  • Transportation provided if necessary
  • Spanish speaking staff at every location
  • You could receive $10,000 in injury benefits
  • Same-day appointments typically available

Dacula Car Accident – August 2011

In August of 2011 a young Dacula man had stopped to assist someone who was having car trouble when the unthinkable happened. As Caleb Graves, age 20, helped to move a vehicle with mechanical troubles off the road, another vehicle drove right into him. The driver of the reportedly stolen vehicle fled the scene on foot after hitting the Dacula man. Sadly, as this young man, a recent graduate from Dacula High, worked to assist someone else he sustained injuries that would change his life forever. My Fox Atlanta reports that Graves was an extremely talented drummer, but as a result of this devastating car accident he had to undergo a below the knee amputation. However, surprisingly enough, later reports revealed that after extensive therapy and rehab, this determined Dacula man is still drumming happily today, and says that he forgives the driver responsible for his injuries.

It is shocking the way that this act of kindness turned into such a devastating car accident! This story serves as a strong reminder that automobile accidents always come unexpectedly, and we never know just how great or small the damage from those incidents will be. For this reason, at AICA we urge all Dacula auto accident victims to get a thorough medical work up following their car wreck. A skilled doctor, like the ones we have at AICA, will be able to assess the full extent of your injuries and provide you with an effective treatment plan. Also, at AICA we work with some of Dacula’s very best auto injury lawyers because we know many of our patients may need legal assistance after their accident, but won’t know where to turn. At AICA we can help you find the attorney that will be right for your car accident case. If you were in a recent Dacula collision then turn to the professionals at AICA, and we will provide the support you’ll need!

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