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Your search for back pain care ends with AICA Tucker’s Chiropractors.

If you’ve been injured and your back is hurting, or if it’s simply hurting, you have a single call to start the treatment that will restore your health.

Not only Chiropractors; we have orthopedic doctors, massage, and physical therapists.

So if you’re recovering from an acute trauma, or striving to overcome chronic ailments, we can help.

There can be a lot of reasons why you’re experiencing back pain – from lifestyle to an acute illness or injury.

What we’re quite good at here at AICA Tucker is figuring out not just what the problem is, but how to fix it. The only work you’ve got to do is call us.

We have trained operators standing by for your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That’s because we’re committed to your care.

And if you can’t move because of your injury, we’ll make sure that you can reach us. You’re never stranded with AICA Tucker – we’re here to get you on your feet again, which is why we’ll help you arrange transportation when you make an appointment.

No Billing

What about payment? We always charge the at-fault insurance company, which means you won’t be paying any out of pocket cost.

And if there’s no other party, we probably take you insurance.

We have custom, low-cost treatment options that work with most budgets.

The health care marketplace is hard to handle. Just talk with us at AICA Tucker, and you’ll find that you have more health options than you think.

Tucker Back Pain Treatment

Not only do we have great Chiropractors, but we also have orthopedic doctors and the massage and physical therapists who you may come to know well.

We’re all here to help treat your back.

You need the help that is going to give real health to your spinal cord, which is one of the most elegant and sophisticated structures in your body involving bone, soft tissue, nerves, and joints.

There are far more joints in the spine than most people realize. The spine is made of not just joints between each vertebra, but facet joints that join each vertebra to the one above and below.

That means almost every single vertebrae is connected by six joints! It’s a testament to the magnificence of the body that more doesn’t go wrong.

And when something does happen to diminish your spine’s majesty, we’re here to analyze, adjust and help you work on all of the avenues that are open to your full health.


When you’ve suffered severe damage that is causing you extreme pain, you likely need help from our orthopedic doctor.

While sometimes a pulled muscle in the back can be extremely painful – more than a ruptured disc – trauma that has involved the displacement of bones and tissue requires the expertise of our bone doctors who specialize in joint repair, resetting and the most extreme cases, surgery.

We have all of these options at AICA Tucker, and one of the best things about us is the network.

Not only do you get a free X-ray if medically necessary, but we have MRI access, which is something that you won’t find at every clinic.


The MRI takes a three-dimensional image of your body, displaying soft tissue with a high level of power and precision.

By discerning soft tissue damage, we can not only see what is happening inside your body at a level unattainable by X-ray alone, but we can discover damage that is causing you pain.

This information we add to your file, which, if you’re involved in a legal case concerning your injury, we will send to your attorney. You won’t even have to tell us to do it

That’s because at AICA Tucker we’re only interested in your full body wellness. That means you, and your case.

Get in Touch

We’re easy to reach because we never leave. When you’re looking for help, just give us a call.

We don’t want your pain to become chronic any more than you do. And we’ve got the tools, experience, and know-how to help you regain your life.

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