AICA Tucker’s Chiropractors Explain: “What Is The DMR Method?”

what is the DMR method | AICA TuckerWhen you tell your children they are a pain in the neck, you may not be embellishing as much as you think.

Bending to help your kids with tasks such as eating, bathing, using the restroom, getting dressed, picking up their toys, coloring a photo, cleaning a scrape and searching for monsters under their bed can be taxing on your body.

Treating Back Pain

Back pain can range from irritating to immobilizing, and when you have children to shuttle to soccer practice, work to finish, dinner to cook or a workout to cram in, managing back pain is likely to be low on your list of priorities.

When trying to manage acute back pain, surgical procedures can be painful and expensive, with recovery times that can last several weeks.

If you want to relieve your back pain with a less invasive procedure, consider the DMR Method.


Know the Facts about Chiropractic Care for Back Pain

Chiropractic Care for Back Pain | AICA TuckerIn most situations that involve an injury or pain, our first response is to see our medical doctor.

Medical doctors, such as general practitioners, usually come top of mind when accidents occur or pain becomes intolerable because these are the people we go to for routine care.

When it comes to addressing chronic back pain, Chiropractors are the leading experts on pain management and relief.

In many circumstances, Chiropractors should be consulted first before committing your body to a serious treatment plan that may include more invasive options.


3 Ergonomics Tips for a Healthy Work Environment

Chiropractic and Ergonomic Workspace | AICA TuckerMany people spend a significant portion of each day sitting at their desks.

This is not natural for our bodies physically, mentally or emotionally.

Chiropractic and Ergonomics

Try to change up your activities, take breaks, and drink plenty of water throughout the work day. Just altering your position and looking away from your computer screen can make a big difference.

Although your workspace may seem comfy, you could be causing a lot of damage to your body. Evaluating a few factors, such as the type of chair you sit in, your posture, and even the placement of your most commonly used items, can make a difference in how energized and healthy you feel at the end of each day.

The Chiropractors at AICA Tucker compiled a list of three ergonomic tips to shield your body from pain and fatigue.


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