Proper Posture to Improve Your Health

We have all been told by our mothers to keep our shoulders back and not slouch to avoid bad posture. “You’ll get a hump in your back if you sit that way!” she may have said.

No matter how many times you may have brushed it off, Mom had a point with her back advice. Maintaining good posture is necessary to prevent neck, shoulder and back pain.

Why Do You Need Good Posture?

Bad Posture | Misaligned Spine | AICA Tucker

When you hunch over, your spine curves in an unnatural way, which can weaken your vertebrae and cause poor circulation.

As a result of misaligned spine, you get back, shoulder and neck pain due to the strain and fatigue. When this happens, you are more inclined to continue your bad habits because any other position is uncomfortable. It becomes a cycle where your hunched state brings pain, which in turn worsens your posture.


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