What Does Kyphosis Mean For Chiropractic Patients In Tucker, GA?

What Does Kyphosis Mean For Chiropractic Patients In Tucker? | AICA TuckerKyphosis is a condition of the upper back that is characterized by a forward rounding of the spine. This condition can occur at any point in life, but it is most commonly found in older women. Learn more about this condition and what you can do to treat and prevent it.

Symptoms of Kyphosis

The primary symptom of kyphosis is an abnormally curved spine. However, this condition can also result in back stiffness and pain in some patients. Mild cases may not produce any noticeable symptoms or signs, but you should make an appointment with your doctor if you notice that the outward curve of your or your child’s spine has an exaggerated arc.

Kyphosis Symptoms and Treatments | AICA Tucker

Treating Kyphosis

The treatment of kyphosis will depend on the cause of the condition, symptoms, and signs. Your physician may prescribe certain medications, including pain relievers and osteoporosis drugs. This is because kyphosis is often the first sign of osteoporosis, and drugs to strengthen the bones can help to prevent additional fractures of the spine.


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