Four Factors Involved in Slip and Fall Injuries

Four Factors Involved in Slip and Fall Injuries | AICA TuckerWhen someone is involved in an accident because of a slip and fall, there are several different types of injuries that can occur, and multiple factors are involved in determining the exact type of injury. Slip and fall injuries vary in severity and can include fractures and broken bones, facial injuries, abrasions, spinal cord or back injuries, brain injuries, internal bleeding, paralysis, and many more. The injury type and degree of severity will depend on four major biological and physical factors that are present during the accident.

Landing Position

The position in which a person lands after a slip and fall is a major factor in determining the type of injury that results. Protective reflexes will be a factor, including whether or not a person has his or her arms out to try and break the fall. If a person does not use protective reflexes at the time of a fall, this could be an indication of a neurological or other type of impairment.


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